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My Hubby's Fetish
Author: Sudha Email me!
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My husband Syam Sunder introduced me to this site some six months ago. Since then I have read almost all the stories in this site. Now I am writing my own experience.

It was my first night. Syam married me on 12th May, 2006. On 18th May our first night was arranged in our house. Time was ten. I was sent into the room specially decorated for the occasion. When I entered the room, Syam was waiting for me sitting on the cot. I slowly reached him. He gently held my hand and made me sit beside him.

As I was brought up in a small town in Andhra Pradesh, I am not very fast. He told me about his hobbies and asked about mine. Like that he removed my nervevousness. We talked for next two hours. Then he hugged me and kissed on my lips. It was a thrilling experience. He kissed on my each and Every body part.

Then he removed my white saree. I was in white lower garment (langa) and white low neck blouse. He turned me back and kissed on my nape. He then started unbraiding my long hair. In seconds my hair spread on my shoulders like a black curtain. He took my hair into his hands and kissed it. Afterwards we had a wild romantic experience.

After one month we set up our family in Bangalore in a posh flat. We enjoyed each and every night. One day, when we were at the peak of our romantic mood, Syam whispered as if he was in a trans, "Sudha, I would like to see you in bobbed hair". I could not understand what he was telling. But I didn't ask him anything. Next morning, when we were having coffee, I asked him about what he said last night. First he didn't tell anything. After some time he told me that he had hair fetish. He likes watching haircuts, head shaves. I was surprised on hearing that. But he said it was not an abnormal thing and he showed me web sites which are dealing with hair fetish. I was convinced.

Then onwards I allowed him to brush my long hair. He asked me to allow him to cut my hair. But I didn't agree. One day he showed me an anchor on TV screen who was with shoulder length bob. He said that I would look very beautiful with that hair style. I didn't talk anything.

One day


Syam's boss invited all his employees with their families to a dinner arranged on the occasion of his son's birthday. Syam took me to his boss's house. All his colleagues were there. Syam introduced me to his boss and other colleagues. There were six women among them. To my surprise all were with short hair. Then Syam introduced me a women named Puja. She was very attractive. Her hair was cut in round bobbed shape. It was bouncing and moving in a stylish fashion whenever she moved her head. It attracted me very much. Her haircut added special charm to her face. Then and there I decided to cut my hair in that style.

On the way I announced my decision. First Syam was surprised. He asked if I was sure. I said I very much liked that haircut. I told," Shall we visit a hair salon next sunday?"
Syam was thrilled. He said, "We needn't go to any salon. One of my colleague's sister Meena works in Habib's salon. I will invite her to our house next Sunday. She will cut your hair here itself in my presence".

Immediately he contacted Meena and requested her to come to our house. He also told her about my decision to cut my hair.

On Sunday at 10 pm Meena came to our flat. By that time I shampood my long hair and dried it. Syam was eagerly waiting for Meena.

Meena appreciated my guts to go for a drastic change. She praised my hair's texture. Then I sat before the dressing table. Meena brushed my hair thoroughtly. Then she tied a band leaving 3/4ths of my hair. She handed the scissors to Syam and asked him to cut just above the band. Syam took the scissors with shivering hands. He came behind me and started cutting my hair. In five cuts he cut my hair. Meena then started her work. She made my hair wet and cut it in a gradual manner. In 30 minutes she cut my hair in cute bobbed shape.

On that night we touched new heights in our romantic life.

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